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Perran Foundry

Perran Foundry

The Perran Foundry and Wharf stand on the level valley floor at the navigable limit of an inlet leading to the River Fal. The foundry was one of the three largest in Cornwall and is considered one of the most important surviving industrial monuments of its period in southern Britain.
Perran Foundry was established by the Fox family in 1791, trading under the name Foxes and Perran Foundry Co, and between 1858 and 1879 under the name Williams & Perran Foundry Co after the Williams family became major shareholders. It manufactured a wide range of mining implements and steam engines. During this period a complex of leats, foundry buildings, stores, facilities for transport and other services, offices and worker's houses was developed. By 1860, the works covered six acres and employed 400 men. It continued in operation until a decline in the fortunes of the local mining industry forced it to close in 1879. The machinery and patterns were auctioned in 1882.
The site passed to the firm of Edwards Brothers in 1890, who adapted it for the milling of feedstuffs, erecting new machinery and constructing a canal and quay. They are also recorded as having established a small works for cloth within the foundry site. In 1969 the mill was sold to Bibby's and was subsequently used as a store and distribution centre for animal feed, entailing further adaptation of the buildings. Many of the foundry and mill buildings are well-preserved, although the actual machinery of the foundry was been removed after closure.

The site is of prime significance as the manufacturer of a range of industrial machinery including some of the largest and most powerful Cornish beam engines of their day, and as a major exporter to mining sites around the world.

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